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[cdt-l] Re:Wemiinuche Details

On 10/16/01 11:03 AM Jeffrey Zimmerman wrote (in part):

>Is there a passable trail (or route) between the CDT and Highland Mary 

>On a larger perspective the point of the query is to plot a route from 
>the Kite Lake area to Silverton.  There is the obvious route down 
>Cunningham Creek and via Howardsville (six miles walking, seven miles 
>driving), and there is of course the option to flag the train at Elk 
>Park, but somehow swinging through the Highland Mary lake and mine 
>area (ten miles walking) seems like it might be more enjoyable. 
>Comments on this overview?

You could certainly go X-C over to the Lakes, or take the marked trails 
as shown on all maps.  Why you inquire is unclear, as Kite Lake is a 
popular destination, directly and commonly accessed from the Cunningham 
Crk TH you mention.  In terms of fun (not time) however, taking the train 
remains an outstanding journey, without equal in the US.  The prices have 
gone up dramatically the past few years, so be prepared.

Buzz Burrell
Boulder, CO