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[cdt-l] Weminuche Details

Is there a passable trail (or route) between the CDT and Highland Mary 
Lakes?  Is it passable (next summer) by human foot and canine paw?

My mapping resources suggest two routes east to west, one immediately 
north and one immediately south of Peak 12841, about two miles south 
on the CDT from Stony Pass.  What I can't tell from those resources is 
the terrain:  polished granite, boulder field, talus, or what.

On a larger perspective the point of the query is to plot a route from 
the Kite Lake area to Silverton.  There is the obvious route down 
Cunningham Creek and via Howardsville (six miles walking, seven miles 
driving), and there is of course the option to flag the train at Elk 
Park, but somehow swinging through the Highland Mary lake and mine 
area (ten miles walking) seems like it might be more enjoyable.  
Comments on this overview?

Thanks in advance for any first-hand knowledge or pointers to reliable 
field information (dare I hope for a photo?).

Jeffrey Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California
SJMA 2001

"Start every day with a smile and get it over with."
W.C. Fields