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[cdt-l] Chief Joseph Pass

	Ryan has some good advice, but I'll add to it...

> Wisdom has traditionally been the most popular option for thru-hikers.  It
> has a concentrated collection of motels, restaurants, laundromat, PO, small
> grocery, free camping somewhere around town (for the cost-conscious).
> However, traffic on 43 is light so getting back and forth may take more time
> than usual.  US 93 would appear to have more traffic on it than 43.  

	US 93 is without a doubt the more traveled highway. Further, Wisdom is
primarily a ranching community, and so attitudes can be somewhat hostile
towards 'hippie transient' types. I'd also be interested in first-hand
experiences in Wisdom, but it wouldn't be my first choice personally.

> recommends using either Gibbonsville or Sula.  He relays that the lady
> running the Mexican restaurant in Gibbonsville is willing (perhaps eager?)
> to accept maildrop packages (P.O. in Lynne's video is closed and there is no
> grocery).  Lodging available there in the form of cabins, tentsites, or Lost
> Trail Inn Motel/Tavern.  

	Gibbonsville is essentially a wide spot in the road. Salmon's the place
everyone shops.

> Going to Sula to its P.O., halfway there is the
> Lost Trail Natural Hot Springs Resort which will hold packages and has a
> small store, not to mention restaurant and lodging (possibly pricey?).
> (David mentioned a "KOA" campground; is this the same place?)  

	I don't recall a KOA in the area, but since I don't tend to use such
places, I might have overlooked it. Lost Trail is quite convenient with
respect to the trail. there may even be a side trail that runs more
directly to the resort than hiking to the pass then hitching would be,
but I don't know for sure.

At Sula
> itself, there is a country store, restaurant, and RV campground; the P.O. is
> another 1.5 miles N (further along US 93) from the center of town.  
	Heh. 'Town' is rather a misnomer with regards to Sula. Population is
stretched out along 93 for many miles, but there's no central

> has everything but far away so confidence in being picked up is necessary.

> Karl

	If you plan on shopping rather than using a mail drop, Salmon would be
the way to go. And as Ryan says, most all of the traffic goes via
Salmon, so it shouldn't be a problem. You might benefit from something
identifying you as a thru-hiker. A great many members of the local
outdoor community will be happy to help out if they recognize who you