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[cdt-l] GDT

I did hike the GDT alone. My wife and daughter followed me in a camper. I
saw them four times at good resupply points. The first is the town of
Coleman. The second is the Bolton trading post at Kananaskis Provincial
Park. The third was the town of Field in Yoho NP, and the forth was
Saskatchewan River Crossing. I came out a week later in Jasper. All of
these points had food, showers, laundry, camping and rooms (Kananaskis
Prov.Park did not have rooms). Field and Saskatchewan River Crossing were
the off route both just a few miles. I had to set an itinerary with
Canadian Parks but I was always three days behind my itinerary. I never saw
a warden and when I stayed in park campgrounds I never found one full, even
in the popular backpacking areas such as the Rock Wall trail and Highline
Dustin worked last year in the backcountry office in Lake Louise. He is
more than happy to help GDT hikers.
The only memorable problem I had was losing my pack in a severe windstorm
one afternoon. I had been climbing a very steep scree slope for about three
hours. I was nearing the top when I tucked behind a small clump of stunted
trees to get out of the wind for a few minutes and catch mine. I leaned my
pack against the trees and used it as a back rest. I leaned forward for
just a second and a strong gust blew my 30 pound pack away from the trees
as if it were a feather and it began snowballing down the mountain. I hit
another small tree about 2,000 feet down and snagged, thank God. Not
knowing how long it would hold I skidded my way down as fast as I could. My
bear spray had come out and skidded another 100 feet or so. It was all
dented but it didn't explode. Thirty-five years of packing and I never had
that happen before. If it had not snagged that tree I may have lost it. It
was a long way to the basement. Something for everyone to think about.
-Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird