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[cdt-l] GDT

I just hiked the GDT in July from Waterton to Jasper. I used Dustin Lynx
new guide book. I believe his publisher runs a site at Rocky Mountain books
that might have some additional info. If I can help you let me know. It is
a great route. With Dustin's guide I didn't even take topo's. He has
several GPS waypoints for every section. Much of the route is
cross-country. Elevations are steeper than the CDT which I did in 1999. I
don't think the Canadians have discovered switchbacks yet. More bears than
the CDT. Had two griz in camp and saw sign all day everyday. Did a lot of
whistling. If you can average 25 miles a day you can do it in under 30
days. Some very good trail in the Canadian Parks Jurisdiction. Much of the
Provincial Park Jurisdiction has trail but not often used and varies in
condition from good to non-existing. Lots of big water to cross. Had a few
scares. Several times I had to re-route up stream to find a safe crossing.
Big beautiful country much of the trail is like the CDT through Glacier. I
had no problem with snow but this was a drought year for all of Canada. In
a normal year you may need an ice axe over several passes.
-Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird

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