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[cdt-l] cdta/cdts?

> > I participated this last summer in United Along the Divide
> > II, which involved hiking portions of the CDT and reporting on its
> > current state so that future planning will have better information to
> > work with.
> >
> Ron,
> Was this "official trail" or projected, did you put up any blazes or signage?
>  Which maps did you use?  : )
> Thanks, Sly

	We were on the official, signed trail (as long as it existed), running
from the Big Hole Pass on the Montana/Idaho border towards Twin Lakes,
Montana. Our intent was to survey the existing trail and the
cross-country route after the trail's end, so both official and
proposed, but we only followed the route and didn't do any blazing. We
used USGS maps and I brought along a copy of Jim Wolf's '79 guidebook. 

	Anyone interested in my report at the time, it's in the archives at

	I've since spoken with the folks in our team who attempted to head
south to north from Twin Lakes, and they never succeeded in connecting
up with the section of trail we were on. One thing both organizations
/do/ agree on is that there's a lot of work left to do...