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[cdt-l] cdta/cdts?

Matthew, I cannot speak to very much of your question.

However, Jim Wolf has been working on a routing since perhaps the inception
of the CDNST.  He is the founder of the CDTS, has guide books for all of a
routing except for the southern part of New Mexico, and has argued / lobbied
with the federal agencies over the "official" routing for a trail.

As I understand it, the CDTA is a relatively new organization and I know
little to nothing about them.

Although there are extensive sections of trail blazed with the CDNST blaze,
it is not clear to me how there can be an official guide at this point in
time since there is not yet a complete trail.  Any guides published are a
routing based on the particular authors selection of one out of possibly
several options.

I would be surprised if either of the organizations supports motor vehicle
use.  That being said, you should know that sections of blazed trail are on
roads which are open to vehicle traffic.

Allen Stibora

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> Hello cdt-l folks, i usually lurk on these lists but i am curious as to
why there is a cdt alliance and a cdt society.  what is the difference
between the two?  are their agendas so different that they can't work
together on a trail that isn't complete and protected?  someone mentioned to
me that one of the organizations supports motor vehicle use and maybe that
is why they separate.  Also i noticed that the cdta puts out "the official
guide" while the cdts has the jim wolf guides.  are they proponents of
similar routes, or do they differ there as well?
> thank you
> matt pct'00
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