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[cdt-l] Flip-Flop

I have a stack of 5 CDT boioks and 4 Delorme atlas and don't even have a
Jim Wolf book.  And somebody mentioned that the older Jim Wolf books are
better in that the description and route are easier to follow.  I am
getting  confused.

Since I have the DeLorme atlas I have been highlining all kinds of
alternatives.  With a horse, I wonder if it is just not better to be doing
an entirely different route through Colorado

But any rate I hae been thinking about doing New Mexico, going toward the
rio Grande and going North to Sagunche Park getting the Coloradfo Trail and
than skipping North to Wyoming. kSince I want to do the PCT in oregon and
Wasington later this summer, I had not planned to do all of the CDT this
year.  But you never know.

I will probably have a person following me off and on with a truck and
horse trailer.  He will have a phone in the truck .  If the timing is such,
we may be able to get you North to the Wyoming border.  It might be a good
backup just to know if he is in the vicinity. I was going to start very
slowly and probably mid March, or April, depends on the weather and snow
levels.  As my plans firm up and the start time gets closer, I will be
sharing telephone numbers and itinerary with some NOrthbound hikers.

Goforth with Hopi Horse

> From: Larry McDuff <lpmcduff@hotmail.com>
> To: cdt-l@mailman.backcountry.net
> Subject: [cdt-l] Flip-Flop
> Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 3:40 PM
> I just ordered the CDTA guides for Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico,
which I understand are written northbound.  I already have the southbound
Colorado Guide.  I have the Jim Wolf guides also, but hey, isn't this the
time of year to be ordering trail guides?
> I'm wondering how it would work to start at the Mexican border, skip
Colorado, hike from southern Wyoming to Canada, and then come back and pick
up Colorado southbound.  Does anyone know if someone has done it that way
or have any comments, and does anyone have any transportation suggestions?
> Annie and the Salesman 
> AT '94, PCT '99
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