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[cdt-l] back from 2001 hike

Jonathan -
Welcome back - we're really happy to hear from you again.  It sounds like 
you had a really good hike - and we'd like to hear about it.  We are, of 
course, somewhat envious of your "low snow year" - maybe next time we 
thruhike we'll get that too.  But I won't count on it.

Not to worry about "unsolicited" information - there are those of us who 
want it - and if there's anyone who doesn't want it, they don't have to use 
it  :-))

Keep it coming!!

Walk softly,

"Cutting the space budget really restores my faith in humanity. It 
eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the 
business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart

Jonathan Ley wrote:
>Hi all,
>Well, I finally made it.  Let out a couple "wahoo's!"
>and hung with the boys at Antelope Wells.  I'm back on
>the list.  Are there any other 2001'ers out there?
>(there are only a handfull anyway & a bunch of them
>are still hiking).  I hope to provide as much info as
>I can to 2002 hikers (but I'm not going to subscribe
>to that other list).  If anyone out there has any
>questions about anything, I'm pretty fresh off the
>trail... I plan to post some unsolicitied advice/info
>as well.  A few tidbits:
>I started on June 15th & had no problems with existing
>snowpack up north.  The snow was about 60-70% of
>normal.  I only needed an ice-axe for about 20 yards
>of crossing the Ahern Drift - chopped steps, etc.
>That's a short distance, but there's really no way
>around it & it would be very dangerous to cross in
>early season without one.  Of course, you could take
>another (official) route through GNP and avoid the
>drift altogether.
>I'd recommend using the CDTS/Jim Wolf guidebooks,
>especially if you're headed south.  There are a few
>places where the other guidebooks WILL get you lost -
>There simply isn't enough detail in them & the trail
>is unmarked in those places.  It would help to have a
>good topo map for those bits, but the trail isn't
>always on those either...
>I had pretty decent weather the whole way.  Plenty of
>thunderstorms in July/August, but they never lasted
>long. I got lucky & had no lightning in the few places
>in MT/ID where cover is miles away in any direction.
>Got 8 inches of snow in No. Colorado on Sept 8th, but
>it was a fluke somewhat & cleared.  I just got out of
>the San Juans before a nasty cold front came through
>around Oct 10-12th (I think).  I talked to someone a
>week behind me & he had knee-deep snow there. yikes!
>In NM, I followed the CDTS route to Grants, then made
>my own route to pie town (more details later), had no
>problems hitching to reserve - plenty of traffic.  The
>trails in the northern Gila are not good.  There is a
>designated route along the divide (which I followed
>for a little while), but it appears to be nothing more
>than tree blazes - 0 tread & lots of nasty
>bushwhacking & no water.  I followed the Gila river
>for longer than most do & it was a treat, although my
>exact route would probably be impassable in the
>spring.  I had no problems with water in any of NM.
>My water either came from towns/businesses/hunters or
>stock tanks.  The lack of surface water in the fall in
>NM didn't matter. I hiked about 27-30 mpd in NM and
>had a max capacity of 4 liters, although I rarely
>needed it. Weather in NM was 60-75 & p/c skies
>generally.  Very pleasant for walking.
>pct 99
>cdt 01 <--- yeah!

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