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[cdt-l] CDT 2002 list

Hi -

I entirely understand the points below. Let me just try to explain what this 
was meant to be: A bunch of us at the gathering this year (in hanover) who 
were planning to hike the CDT thought it would be good to get everyone we 
knew who was doing it in touch with each other, so that we could know who 
was doing what, share info, or whatever. It was just going to be an informal 
thing, updating each other on our planning progress, etc. It certainly 
wasn't ever imagined to be ANY sort of replacement for CDT-L. Within 48 
hours of compiling some e-mail addresses it turned into something much 
larger than I thought it would be, so Ron thought it might be easier to set 
it up in a list format to make e-mailing each other more efficient. I 
apologize for the impression my post left you. CDT-L and all the experience 
represented there has been mentioned to everyone on the 2002 list, and I'm 
sending this message to them as well so they can be encouraged again to take 
advantage of that experience. Take care,


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 > Kind of makes this list somewhat pointless doesn't it?  Emotional
 >  reaction, I know...

I agree.  There isn't enough traffic here to merit the breakout of a 
list.  It's not like the rest of us would object to you 02ers getting hip
deep in the minutiae of your thruhike planning.  ON THE CONTRARY!!!!!!!
That's why we are here.  Stay and plan to your heart's content in front of 
appreciative audience.  What's the problem with that?

Some of us are novices and would like to learn with you and from you.  
here have experiences you can draw on.  I don't see a downside to that.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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