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[cdt-l] CDT 2002 list


Just wanted to let ya'll know that we have created a separate list of 
prospective 2002 CDT hikers - not as a replacement for this list, but as a 
supplemental way to get as many of next year's hikers in touch with each 
other as possible ahead of time, to share planning information, find out 
who's going your direction, etc. There is much benefit for everyone in this 
kind of networking, and I would encourage anyone on this list who is 
planning on being out there (including Jason “turtle”, Rafi Youatt, and 
Bogscouter) or anyone else who wants to contribute info. We've got more than 
20 on there already, and several more who are about to be (looks like about 
50/50 southbound and northbound starters - some section hikers as well). I 
would also say that posting stuff on both of these lists at the same time 
can be of benefit. At the moment the best way to get on would be to e-mail 
Ron Moak - <ronm@fallingwater.com> and ask him to add your name.

Hope to hear from you. Take care,


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