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[cdt-l] 2002 thruhike

Hi all --

Been lurking for a few weeks now and also reading through the archives - =
thought it was time we introduced ourselves to the list. We're planning a=
way for a 2002 thruhike, getting maps and gear and food and all the rest.=
 We're looking at a mid-April start date, going S-N, and hoping for a slo=
w snow year in CO. It looks like there may be some other folks heading ou=
t around that same time... I (Rafi) did the PCT in 99-00 and know some of=
 y'all from then; Anna's packed in Europe and S. America and is stoked to=
 get in on the CDT.

We've started making a two-person quilt, and after resolving (for now) th=
e perennial down-synthetic argument in favor of synthetic, we're looking =
at different kinds of insulation. Just wondered if anyone had experience =
with the various kinds - Primaloft seems to be the standard, but Lite Lof=
t seems like a plausible alternative too. Any input or suggestions on tha=
t one?

Just got the Westcliffe guides, and were disappointed to see that the CO =
one didn't have topo strip maps - you'd think CO would be one place where=
 they'd have em.

Rafi and AnnaGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://=

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