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[cdt-l] Silverton resupply

Anyone planning to hike the CDT should consider Silverton as a resupply 
point. Someone recently told me it was their favorite trail town on the CDT. 
Since I moved I am now closer to the Divide and only 35 miles from 
Silverton. Winter is late so I was able to get most of the way up to Stony 
Pass yesterday.

If you decide to come down, your best bet is from Stony Pass. Most likely 
you won't see much traffic in the first 2-3 miles, but you'd be surprised 
how popular the Alpine Loop and other jeep roads are out here. Once you get 
into the valley the road is good and numerous people frequent the area to 
investigate the old mining towns and ruins. Some of the wealthiest and most 
innovative mines are located just below the Divide and above Silverton.

IMO, if you saw no traffic along the FS road from Stony Pass then you'd find 
a ride from the Ghost town of Howardsville on CO 110. Howardsville is 
approximately 5 miles from Stony Pass. It's about 3 miles from the Pass to 
the initial valley below. From there it's a good road, passable to passenger 

Why Silverton? Like Creede and a few other once prosperous mining towns, 
Silverton hasn't fallen prey to the sprawling resorts. Situated in a high 
valley (9,000 + feet), some diehards and mountian freaks ride out 8-9 months 
of winter here. During the summer the old rail line from Durango transports 
tourists back and forth. There are places to lodge, including a hostel. A 
few cafes, coffee houses and other shops are easy to reach by foot. There's 
a PO, library, etc. It's a good town if your feet are your only carriage.


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