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[cdt-l] Triple Crown Year

I'm not sure if this site has been posted, but I think it has been mentioned 
that three others are attemping a Triple Crown Year.  Fiddlehead, Pieps and 
Shirt are already accomplished hikers having obtained the Triple Crown (among 
other trails), the old fashioned way, one year at a time.

What makes this hike so interesting is that it will be supported by van, 
driven by friends and volunteers.  Talk about logistics!  Still, it's a long 
way to walk....

Anyway, they've already gotten through Maine and most of NH and it's all 
downhill to Georgia (yeah, right)  The journals and pics are updated 
frequently.  Check out the "Team Triple Crown" link, it's pretty funny stuff.

 <A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/bosshoggsr/index.htm";>Triple Crown One Year</A>


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