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[cdt-l] 2002 CDT thruhike

I知 new to this list, so I thought I would drop in and 
say hello to everyone. I知 currently planning a 
thruhike (hopefully) on the CDT this summer.  Right 
now, I知 just trying to get all the maps, guidebooks, 
and information together. 
So far, I知 planning to hike southbound, weather 
permitting. Since I知 in school, I値l have to wait 
until the end of Spring term (around June 22nd). This 
and a general lack of money may limit the time I知 able 
to hike, but I hope to just have fun and see how far I 
get. Troubador: I noticed your message on the list, 
your PCT journal and website were a huge help to me on 
my 2000 PCT hike, it痴 great to see you値l be hiking 
the CDT this summer.

Jason Mulkey