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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) Hi from the CDT

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* by our guest Jonathan Ley <over_somewhere@yahoo.com>.
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Just thought I'd drop a note to those on the
list... I'm in Silver City now, planning to head
to Antelope Wells.  The Gila was a definate 
highlight of NM for me.  Crossed the river 225
times from Snow Lake to Sapillo creek - had an awesome time, it was about knee-thigh deep by
Sapillo creek.  South of there, I had to deal with
a ~1-2 mile section that had been obliterated by
fire and neglect, nothing like plunging ahead
through a canyon full of nasty thorns and busted
trees, not knowing where it might end... Other
than that, all is well.

-Jonathan Ley

PS: send any reply to over_somewhere@yahoo.com as
I'm not on the list.