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[cdt-l] Thruhike intentions


I mainly hang out on the PCT-L list, but I wanted to speak up here.

I've been working for a dot bomb in Seattle which just recently went boom!
So it looks like I'm going to have some free time. And, since the economy is
in horrible shape, the job scene is even worse, and we're at war, I'm going
to throw my hat into the ring and thruhike the CDT this coming season.

I've gotten a few of the guidebooks and am beginning to start initial
planning. Despite having thruhiked the AT and PCT I find that I know very
little about the CDT. Is there a general understood starting date for a
northbound attempt? And, do most thruhikers shoot for the 3,100 mile

I'm sure I will come up with more questions throughout the winter. Thanks in
advance for your help.


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