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[cdt-l] bears on CDT (espec. Colorado)

Nick Laqua wrote:
>I will hike a 150 stretch of the Colorado part of the CDT end of June.
>What bugs me right now is the bear issue. When doing the John Muir Trail
>three years back, we *had* to use those bulky Garcia bear cans as those
>yosemite bears are quite used to backpackers and there are a lot of
>I would be delighted if hanging the food would be enough precaution
>against bears on the CDT....

Nick -
There are no guarantees.  We hiked the Cochetopa/Weminuche in 97 and then 
thruhiked the CDT in 99 and we hung the food in N Montana and  Yellowstone.  
Other than that, we slept with it.

I've heard vague rumors about bears in the Weminuche lately so before we go 
back there we'll check with USFS.  But I doubt if we'll change our MO unless 
the "bear problem" gets really bad.  I don't really think that's a high 
probability though - bears are still hunted in CO.  The only real hardcore 
"bear problem areas" seem to be the National Parks where they're not hunted.

Walk softly,
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