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[cdt-l] Getting to Chama NM?

Sly -
Jim's NM book is written north to south.  It also avoids the Tierra Amarilla 
(the land grant that Nate's worried about) by truckin' down through the 
Carson NF on the east side of the land grant.  It's a nice route.  There are 
hikers who go through the Tierra Amarilla, but it's a lot of paved roadwalk 
while Jim's route is trail, bushwhacking and dirt roads.  We resupplied in 
Chama - then went 8 miles back to Cumbres Pass to pick up Jim's route.

Walk softly,

>In a message dated 5/29/2001 5:07:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>barfface74@hotmail.com writes:
> > I'm doing a north bound section of the CDT in New Mexico using Jim 
> > route.  I was wanting to resupply in Chama NM, but there seems to be a
> > large
> > private land grant that the route goes around.  Is there a way to cross 
> > private land by public road or any other way that would be cool with the
> > owners?  If not, is it possible to contact someone for permission?
>I'm not sure about crossing private lands along public roads......  (sorry)
>but, what I'd like to know is if Jim Wolf's guidebook for Northern New 
>is written south to north or north to south.
>I just hate reading guidebooks backwards.
>Thanks, Sly

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