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[cdt-l] bears on CDT (espec. Colorado)

I will hike a 150 stretch of the Colorado part of the CDT end of June.
What bugs me right now is the bear issue. When doing the John Muir Trail
three years back, we *had* to use those bulky Garcia bear cans as those
yosemite bears are quite used to backpackers and there are a lot of

I would be delighted if hanging the food would be enough precaution
against bears on the CDT....



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I think David Patterson's been out in the sun too long. The site is
down. I
left it up for a year and a half with the journal from my 1999 CDT hike
help folks that are looking for trail information. I will put it up
when I get back from the GDT in August or Sept. and find a better web
than Charter. Glad to send a copy to anyone interested via email. I
appreciate all the info. I have ordered the hiking guide for the GDT,
the Backpacker article and checking out all the tent options. Also
out the Y2Y site. Should be an interesting trek.=20
Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird
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