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[cdt-l] CDT Canada

Space is tight in the Akto but it's a very nice tent. Well made, weather
worthy, nice vestible for cooking while sitting in the tent (which of course
you're not going to want to do north of the border), small footprint, and
reasonably light. Takes some skill to pitch for weather-worthiness,
arranging the guylines properly. However, a Stephenson 2R (or with side
windows, the 2RS) is lighter, easier to pitch, more stormworthy, and

I have both and they are top notch, high-quality tents that are definitely a
step up from the "mainstream" class of consumer products from N. Face, Mt
Hardwear, Kelty, SD, Walrus, etc.


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Howdy: Can anyone turn me on to info on the CDT across the border into
Canada. I am going to take up where I left off in Watertown in '99 and head
north for 4 or 5 weeks. Any trail info would be appreciated or a source for
same. Also has anyone used an Akto tent manufactured by Hillenburg (Sp?). I
looks a little more comfy and drier than my bivy. If you have used one and
could give me a quick gearhead show and tell I would appreciate it.
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