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[cdt-l] maps


I'll be hiking the CDT next summer with some friends. I'd like to get a hold
of your CD's. I'll be out hiking the next couple weeks. But if you can email
me your address, I'll post the money to you when I get back.


Ron "Fallingwater" Moak

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If anyone is interested in 7.5 min (1:24,000K) maps for the CDT I have them
on CDs, This collection includes some maps that are for alternate routes
too. Montana - 141 maps, Wyoming - 94 maps, Colorado 78 maps, New Mexico -
145 maps.
The Maps are on 5 CDs and for $20 I'll send you the complete set.  That's
458 maps for about 4 1/2 cents a map. If you are interested I'll send you a
complete list of the quads. The $20 is to cover the cost of the CDs,
packaging and shipping.