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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) paging all 2001 CDT hikers


I am currently hiking the Everett Ruess Trail which follows the CDT from Pie Town, NM to Twin Lakes, CO.  I am in Pinetop, Arizona right now and plan on being in Pie Town sometime around May 27th or so?  This might seem a little late to be down there but because I don't have to beat it to Glacier N.P. before the snow starts flying, I can take my time to make sure that some snow melts in the San Juans before I arrive in Pagosa around June 22nd.  You can tell your friend to look out for me (I'm with my dog) and I'll do the same for him but I probably will be a bit behind him.  My name is Soren Jespersen.  (www.trailjournals.com/ert)
Thanks, Soren.


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>A friend of mine (Semper Fi Drew, AT '99, PCT '00) is currently hiking the CDT, and just passed through Silver City. He hasn't seen another through hiker yet, and he's wondering if anyone's near him on the trail. I told him I'd look into the matter. 


>If anyone is hiking the CDT, or knows anyone hiking the CDT this year, pass on the info. It's a long trail, and most people enjoy some company every once in a while. 


>Thanks for listening, 


>Last Exit AT '99, PCT '00 




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