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[cdt-l] Topo USA vs. TOPO!

On the other hand, I've found DeLorme's USGS Topo Quads to be an excellent
resource for the CDT (MT-WY at least) because of the accuracy of the
detailed topographic information, which is not the greatest in either Topo!
or Topo USA. Of course, the accuracy of trail locations is also good, but
somewhat outdated, as trails are relocated, triangle junctions removed, etc.
I think an updated land management agency trail map, in combination with
USGS quads for topo info, is a nearly foolproof combo. In places like
Glacier, the Bob, Yellowstone, Winds, etc., you can of course rely on a
single map for both, as they are updated frequently and are quite good. The
cost of such a map (say, $10 for a really really nice one) simply can't be
beat and your time can probably be invested in better places than digital

Ryan (BigSkyRy)