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[cdt-l] more last minute stuff...


Thanks for the offer.  I'll scout out the trail for you and be sure
to warn everyone I meet to be on the lookout for some wacky
hikers in 2002.  I'm in the state of mind where I just can't 
think of a year's delay... the thru-hike machinery is
in gear, my engine's oiled and the throttle is twitching...


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> Hey Jonathan,
> Sorry that your friends bailled out on the CDT hike.
> If you want to wait till next year you would have plenty of 
> company, There are several of us 2000 PCT hikers planning
> to hike the CDT in 2002.
> Anyway have a great trek, be safe and keep me updated on 
> your hike.
> your friend
> Jeff Z.
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