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[cdt-l] getting to Waterton lakes...

On Wed, 16 May 2001 10:54:45 -0700 "Jonathan Ley"
<over_somewhere@yahoo.com> writes:
> Does anyone know if there is still a shuttle service from East 
> Glacier
> to Waterton Lakes? (or from St. Mary)  I called Glacier Park Inc, 
> and 
> got conflicting information (first they said they only transported 
> their 
> hotel guests & package tourists, later they said they had no 
> transportation to Canada at all).  The people at Glacier NP had no 
> idea.  
> I really wouldn't prefer to start my hike with a cross-border 
> hitch... 
> Does anyone on this list know somebody who's starting a hike in 
> early June? & how they're getting to the trailhead?

Don't know about now. A couple years ago one could take a "Jammer" bus
from East Glacier Lodge, to Prince Edward Lodge near Waterton, then was
$45 one way. Also there is no one way drop off from tourist boats from
Waterton to the border, so its about a 12-15 mole hike from the Prince
lodge to the border. If Jammer bus still runs, get to East Glacier a day
ahead, stay at one of the 2 hostels, ( walking distance to East lodge)
catch bus next morn, as it leaves early.Might call those hostels, should
have info on the Jammer bus.
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