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[cdt-l] getting to Waterton lakes...

It is not exactly a shuttle service, but supposedly more of a tour bus
(van). Ginny and Jim took it in 1998(?) and know more about it. I had the
same mixed results trying to track down the service last year via email and
phone. Eventually I found someone that knew about the service and got the
bus service phone number (406) 226-5666. The cost last year was $44 from
East Glacier. There was also an option to take the Hiker's Shuttle from West
Glacier and connect to the tour service at Many Glacier, but the hiker
shuttle is not available until July 1st and I think you might be better off
taking the train to East Glacier.

You may want to see the concessioners press release:


Ironically, when I picked up my permit in Apgar, one of the rangers there
was very familar with the service since he had driven the van for several
years. He would drive down to the docks to pick up and drop off backpackers
using the water ferry service across Waterton Lake to Goat Haunt. Normally
the bus route would end at the Prince of Wales Hotel.

We shuttled a car instead of taking the GPI shuttle.


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Does anyone know if there is still a shuttle service from East Glacier
to Waterton Lakes? (or from St. Mary)  I called Glacier Park Inc, and 
got conflicting information (first they said they only transported their

hotel guests & package tourists, later they said they had no 
transportation to Canada at all).  The people at Glacier NP had no idea.

I really wouldn't prefer to start my hike with a cross-border hitch... 
Does anyone on this list know somebody who's starting a hike in 
early June? & how they're getting to the trailhead?



PS: I could just as well go from West Glacier/Apgar to Waterton
as I'm taking the train from Seattle.

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