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[cdt-l] Some last minute questions/comments...

I>'m planning to use Moran, WY instead of Dubois... Does anyone
know what kind of services are available in Moran?

What we were told was that Moran had very little.  Dubois is a good trail
town, with a grocery, laundromat, cheap motels, and lots of good
restaurants.  I really recommend going there.

>When I checked the ZIP code for South Pass City, the USPS
gave me 82520, but when I enterd that ZIP code back into the USPS
data base, it said it was for Lander.  So, is there a PO that will
hold packages in South Pass City?

The PO is South Pass isn't a real PO.  It's in the State Park and is in a
historic mercantile type building.  The postmistress is very friendly.  We
did our maildrop at Atlantic City at the Mercantile there.  One
consideration - neither town has a store of any kind (though you can get a
few snacks in South Pass and at one of the bars in AC.  This means you can't
get fuel, bread or ice cream ;-(  You can get a good meal at AC though.  If
I were to do it again, I would probably hitch to Lander, even though it is a
long hitch.

>There are a few towns that have multiple ZIP codes, like Rawlins,
Steamboat Springs, Silverthorne, Salida... I'm planning to just
buy supplies in these towns (or skip them), so it's not critical,
but what does one do in such a case?

There may be multiple zips, but I think there is only one PO in each of
those towns.  We had no problems anywhere.  While we usually shopped as we
went, we also received mail at each of the towns on our list.  The only
places where there might be multiple POs would be Butte or Helena  If you do
an on-line search of the yellow pages, you can get the right zip for the
Post Offices.  Or check the list on Jim Wolf's page.  I had the wrong zip
for Macks Inn  and Twin Lakes- but the rest  should be okay.

Have fun -