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[cdt-l] maps

That might have been me.  I finished my map project.  The maps cover =
areas of
7.1 miles x 9.4 miles each, I've drawn out the CDT with a red line on =
them &=20
erased areas of the maps that aren't needed. Here are some stats:
Montana, 72 maps
Wyoming, 44 maps
Colorado, 46 maps
New Mexico, 25 maps (I didn't map all of NM as=20
I'm not sure where I'm going to go in far southern NM & will just use =
De Lorme maps).
It took about 1.5 ink-jet cartridges.  My printer could print about 1 =
per 5 minutes.  So, it took a long time!  That'd be the major drawback.
(Plus, it took a long time to download all the maps, but that's done =


> I remember someone was working on shrinking down 7.5 maps for the CDT =
from a=20
> topo program.  I seem to lost their e-mail address.  If you're this =
> please contact me, I'd like to know how its doing.  Thanks

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