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[cdt-l] Some last minute questions/comments...

I'm just wrapping up my planning and had a few questions.
I hope somebody out there can help...

There was some confusion earlier, but Gibbonsville, ID does appear
to have a PO - 83463

I'm planning to use Moran, WY instead of Dubois... Does anyone
know what kind of services are available in Moran?

When I checked the ZIP code for South Pass City, the USPS=20
gave me 82520, but when I enterd that ZIP code back into the USPS
data base, it said it was for Lander.  So, is there a PO that will
hold packages in South Pass City? =20

There are a few towns that have multiple ZIP codes, like Rawlins,
Steamboat Springs, Silverthorne, Salida... I'm planning to just
buy supplies in these towns (or skip them), so it's not critical,=20
but what does one do in such a case?



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