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[cdt-l] Fwd: Open Call for ALDHA-WEST Gathering Presenters

This is an ALDHA-WEST Gathering request. Read on - we need presenters of 
shows, gear, etc.

This year's Gathering is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - September 28, 29, 
30th - at the Wenatchee Valley YMCA Camp located about 25 miles east of 
Stevens Pass in Washington.  Check our web site at www.aldhawest.org for 
more information or contact Chris Bailey directly at the address below. We 
hope you can come - be sure to register so we have food!

Marshall Karon

>From: "Hikertrash" <hikertrash@earthlink.net>
>To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:@scaup.mail.pas.earthlink.net;>
>Subject: Open Call for Gathering Presenters
>Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 12:45:10 -0700
>Planning for the 2001 ALDHA-West Gathering is in full swing, and we need 
>your help and suggestions in order to put together a diverse and 
>interesting program.
>We are still looking for several presenters who have a show (preferably 
>audio-visual) about a long hike anywhere in the world, particularly if you 
>have a new program not presented at a previous Gathering.  Presenters 
>should be willing to moderate a mini-workshop after their presentation for 
>anyone interested in learning more about the hike.
>Presenters/Moderators are also needed for the following sessions:
>Gear, including:
>     "Off-the-shelf lightweight gear for the sewing-impaired"
>     "Home-sewn/home-built gear for folks with too much time on their 
>     "Backpacking like a car-camper:  challenging the lightweight approach"
>These are just a few of our own ideas for topics, but we welcome others!  
>If you have a particular expertise or passion for gear, or know of someone 
>who does and gives/moderates a good presentation, please let us know.
>Hiking the Big 3, including:
>     "Planning/hiking the AT Roundtable"
>     "Planning/hiking the PCT Roundtable"
>     "Planning/hiking the CDT Roundtable"
>Topics will include pre-hike preparations, food options, re-supply 
>strategies, transportation, gear, weather and timetables, hazards, and 
>others.  If you have a particular expertise about hiking one of the Big 3 
>trails and would be willing to moderate or sit on a panel about it, please 
>let us know.
>Security On The Trail, including,
>     "Lions and snakes and bears, oh my!"
>     "Hitch-hiking and town stops"
>     "What if?  A discussion on trail emergencies"
>Most folks contemplating a long hike, particularly their first one, ask 
>questions about these topics.  Do you have some organized ideas about any 
>of them you'd like to share?  Please let us know.
>If you've got a presentation you're just burning up to give and it's not 
>listed here, please contact us.
>Otherwise, keep checking www.aldhawest.org for further details on the 
>Gathering and we'll see you in September at Lake Wenatchee, Washington.

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