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[cdt-l] Non-member submission from OUTSIDE MAGAZINE

I am currently hiking the roughly 2,200 mile Everett Ruess Memorial Trail-- 
a conglomeration of portions of numerous trails including the Great Western 
Trail, The Arizona Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.  I started on 
April 26th at Jacob Lake, AZ and have hiked the 150 miles across the Grand 
Canyon into Flagstaff.  I plan on re-arriving at Jacob Lake at the end of my 
hike in September.

-Soren Jespersen

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>Subject: [cdt-l] Non-member submission from OUTSIDE MAGAZINE
>Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 17:22:44 -0600
>      Please send any answers to Viktor3000@aol.com AND the list.
>      Earl
>>Greetings CDT listers:
>>I'm searching for CDT Thruhiker types to interview for an Outside Magazine
>>piece about Other Long-Distance Trails. Anyone out there wanna yak it up?
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Charlie Wood
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