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[cdt-l] Glacier campgrounds

Hi all,

I am looking at the Glacier Advance Reservation Application and wondering
what would be a typical sequence of campgrounds for a southbound hiker
starting in late June or early July to use?  In particular, I am curious
about the north end where Kootenai Lake opens early, but Fifty Mountain
doesn't open until late.  The next campground would be the Many Glacier
Auto, which is about 28 miles from Kootenai Lake, probably feasible but not
my choice for the second day.  Apparently, if you submit you app for
campgrounds that aren't open on your dates, it gets tossed.

Your thoughts/experiences are welcome.   I have heard several stories of CDT
hikers (all northbounders I think) being hassled in Glacier.  Any experience
from southbounders?


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