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[cdt-l] Map scales?

Although the program to use is open to question, I have been using the
All-Topo program for Wyoming to compile my own maps.  The Big Topo tool
allows the user to patch several 7 1/2  minute topos together into one map
then to force print to whatever scale you wish.

The program takes a little getting used to but the ability to create maps to
fit your needs is great.  The cost is a little high but is certainly less
than buying several topos to cover the entire trail.

An option that I have used where I will not be following any recognized
trail - FS or CDT or otherwise - is to force print my maps to fit on 8x11
paper and cover areas of 8 miles by 4 miles.  If I need additional detail, I
can expand area and use a 1inch = .2 miles for fine detail.

The cost is between $100 and $120 per state - a little high but certainly
better than buying several topos.


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> In the areas where we used BLM/USGS maps (Great Basin in Wyoming and most
> NM), the 1:100,000 maps worked fine. USGS no longer makes the 15 minute
> maps
> (Darn it, those were good) and the County maps (about 1:50,000 I think)
> aren't available for WY or NM.  They are available for Colorado, but  the
> TI
> maps are much better.

The Horror!  Maps.....   I still haven't look at a single map of the CDT,
I'm getting this picture.  You get the maps from the CDTS, Forest Service,
BLM etc. them draw your route?  Is this along exsisting trails ON that map?
How would you do that?  It appears most of the time, most lose their route
and end up finding their way anyway.


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