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[cdt-l] Brian's Triple Crown -- Call for help in New Mexico

Brian contacted me this afternoon.  I told him I am prepared to assist.  He
said he would be contacting me tomorrow about his travel plans; a 3 day bus
ride when we talked.

During that conversation, he was planning on heading to Chama; I advised him
to bring the snow shoes.  He may have changed his mind since then and
decided to start in the south as indicated.

My understanding is southern Colorado, and I assume northern NM, has snow at
about 100% of normal.  I also expect the San Pedro will have a fair amount
of snow.  Mt. Taylor has snow and I assume the Gila is covered.  If anyone
has good knowledge of snow depth and snow condition on these areas including
low temperatures, you might post it and forward to Roy.

Brian asked whether his 10* bag would be OK.  I think that should cover it
but ???  Forecast for Chama is 55* tomorrow; lows should be 20* or so lower.

Allen Stibora

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> Brian (Never B) is attempting a calendar Triple Crown hike.  Details on
> <A HREF="homestead.juno.com/roy.robinson/Main.html">web site</A> at:
> homestead.juno.com/roy.robinson/Main.html
> Brian started hiking the AT on January 1 and has reached Vermont.
> the heavy snow fall and bad trail conditions in the NE have made it near
> impossible for him to maintain the mileage he must do to achieve his goal,
> he has decided to abandon the AT for the moment and hike part of the CDT,
> starting at the Mexican border.  This sudden change in plans will have him
> traveling to El Paso and to Deming or Lordsburg within the next two or
> days.
> He could sure use some help getting to the border to start his hike.  If
> there is anyone on the list who could do a little "trail angelling", with
> how-to info or a lift, please get back to me with a phone number at which

> Brian or I can reach you.
> Thanks for any assistance you can offer.  This unexpected shuffling of
> Brian's schedule has put us in need of just a little help.  I will answer
> emails.
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