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Hey Sly,

It seems to me the best bet for this year is a north to south hike.  The 
current snowpack where I live (Idaho) and Montana is pretty below average, 
while the snowpack in the San Juan's is healthy.  I just got off the phone 
with a ranger in Glacier and she said I'd still be hitting snow in late 
June, but this seems like the time you should be walking.  I plan on walking 
from Antelope Wells during late April (@21st) heading north.  When I get 
nearer Colorado I'll see what my options are.  If it stays the same I will 
definately take a bus up to Glacier and resume my walk south.  But you never 
know.  What I'm really concerned about are the fires that will undoubtedly 
spring up sometime in August (Montana/Idaho etc..) if the water 
level/snowpack remains the same.  If that sounds confusing it probably 
should, as I now have all the "tools I'll need for the hike but my brain is 
running amouk.  Good Luck! J.C.
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