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[cdt-l] Monarch Lodge

Someone asked recently whether or not Monarch Lodge in Garfield, CO was 
still accepting parcels. They plan to continue to accept parcels but will 
only hold them for 14 days. They enacted this new policy because there were 
over 2 dozen packages that weren't picked up last year. As before this is a 
"free" service. Please do your part to help the lodge so other hikers can 
enjoy this service in the future. Also, the lodge requests that you indicate 
an arrival date on the outside of your parcel. In the event your plans 
change or you can not pick up your parcel please contact the lodge and let 
them know. Remember they are doing us a favor!

Contact information for Monarch Lodge:

Monarch Lodge
Garfield, CO 81227


Note: No outgoing mail service. If you need an official PO you can find one 
in Poncha Springs.

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