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[cdt-l] maps etc.


When you order maps be certain to ask for the most recent copies. A few 
years ago Campro ordered maps and ended up with some that had been replaced 
recently. It doesn't happen often, but the trail and its associated agencies 
are in different states of organization.

While the guidebooks are certainly handy I believe "a picture is worth a 
thousand words". Hence I don't think anyone should skimp on maps unless they 
plan to road walk or utilize other less desirable road routes. More often 
than not there are a handful of thru-hikers who end up on roads either due 
to a lack of information or in attempt to expedite their journey. Therefore 
it is wise to review your options beforehand rather than follow someone 
elses lead blindly.

Direction of travel is a tough decision, but statistically the southbound 
thru-hiker has had greater success in completing a single continuous journey 
(no flip-flops). OTH, there are a handful of hikers who have completed the 
CDT northbound. It's a tough decision and it all depends upon the year and 
your personal comfort level with mountaineering.

Good luck with your planning.

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