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[cdt-l] Resupply at Frontier Town, MT, near MacDonald Pass?

<< Frontier Town was to be auctioned off in May for back taxes and payoff 
 Not sure what happened, but I would expect Elliston would be more reliable. 

<<  I sent my resupply to Frontiertown, Hwy West, Helena, MT . I think I used 
UPS. You can try calling Frontiertown at either 406-449-3031or 406-442-4560. 
I'm not sure which # is better. Frontiertown looked like a great place for 
dinner, but there is no store for resupply. >>

Thanks for the info, Jeff and Jim!  I called both numbers.  The first had 
been disconnected and the second rolled over to an answering machine that 
didn't identify itself as Frontiertown, just "Leave a message."  So, I will 
ship to the PO at Elliston unless I get an unexpected call back from these 
folks.  Appreciate all your help!  -- Roy