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[cdt-l] Resupply at Frontier Town, MT, near MacDonald Pass?

Frontier Town was to be auctioned off in May for back taxes and payoff debt.
ews12.txt ) Not sure what happened, but I would expect Elliston would be
more reliable. 

We'll be on the trail in the Bob in late July, hopefully we will run into


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Subject: [cdt-l] Resupply at Frontier Town, MT, near MacDonald Pass?

Is there someplace or someone in Frontier Town, near MacDonald Pass,
that is 
accepting resupply packages for hikers?  If so, what is the address?    

My son Brian should be hiking through there southbound about Aug 3.  He
me this location but the nearest post office seems to be at Elliston, 6
W. on Hwy 12.  Is this the best alternative?

Thanks for any help you can provide!  -- Roy  

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