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[cdt-l] Tofu "Bacon"

Tofu "Bacon"

1 lb firm or xtra-firm tofu, drained & cut into strips
Nutritional or Brewer's Yeast (health food stores)
1/2 c Tamari/Shoyu Soy Sauce
1 - 2 Tbsp liquid smoke
2 Tbsp Vegetable oil

I usually take a 1 lb cube, cut it in half, and then slice it into =
strips on its short side. Strips should be about 4-5 mm in thickness. =
They may look big, but they'll shrink. Fry the strips over low to medium =
heat until they are crispy on the outside, approx. 10 min on each side.

Mix the soy sauce & the liquid smoke together. Remove the skillet from =
the heat. Pour the soy sauce-smoke mixture into the pan & stir till all =
the sides of the tofu is coated. Sprinkle the Brewer's Yeast over all =
the strips & stir again well. Simmer over low to medium heat till the =
liquid is reduced & gone. Drain on paper towels & cool completely. Store =
& seal in a ziplock bag or vacuum seal with "seal-a-meal". Keeps fresh =
for 2-5 days on the trail (depending on the weather).

Dehydrate to last "indefinitely" on the trail:
Precede with the above ingredients & instructions with the exception of =
oil. Replace with a (generous) 1 Tbsp honey.

In a shallow baking pan, set the tofu strips, side by side, but not =
allowing them to touch. Mix all the liquid ingredients together; pour =
over the tofu strips. Cover with plastic wrap or foil. Let marinate @ =
least for several hours or overnight. Flip the strips every 1-2 hours in =
the marinade.

Drain excess liquid, sprinkle with the Brewer's Yeast, on both sides and =
dry tofu bacon in food dehydrator or warm (170-185 F) oven (keep oven =
door ajar). Don't want to bake it, want to dry it. This will take =
probably 4-8 hours, depending on weather, but can take up to 24 hrs.

If you dry indoors, your house gets filled with a wonderful smoky smell. =
If you're drying in the oven, you'll need to flip the tofu over hourly =
so it dries evenly. The stuff is delicious and keeps indefinitely. Dry =
until it's very chewy, but not crispy.

If you live in a sunny, dry climate (Colorado in the summer or the =
desert), you can sun dry it, it'll take all day. Cover with a single =
layer of cheesecloth to keep off insects. Still have to flip the strips =
every 1-2 hours.

Seal in ziplock bags or use Seal-a-Meal.

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