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[cdt-l] Day hiking at high elevations

The very best way to take care of yourself at altitude is to drink lots and lots
and lots of water. As you go up, it not only gets hotter, it gets drier, and you
lose lots of water just breathing, much less sweating. So drink, drink, drink. I
live at 7,000 feet and have been as high as 23,500, sleeping a couple of weeks
worth of nights above 20,000. The biggest challenges has always been to stay
hydrated. Even from where I live a headache on top of a 14er is not unusual.
Again, drink lots as you hike, and stop every now and then to truly
hyperventilate. There is less available oxygen at altitude, hence the problems.
By consciously breathing at a faster rate, you deliver more O2 to your blood and
your body. I have twice heavy-breathed away headaches at 19,500.

Most importantly, have a great time! I live in the Roaring Fork Valley, just
outside Aspen. Let me know if you'll be up this way.

Namaste, m

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