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[cdt-l] Finished with N.M.

What an expanse of wildness.  From the people to the wildlife to the natural scenery N.M. was a joy-that is of course if you're in the shade and have water!  We used the BLM and National Forest maps and were pleasantly surprised and downright disgusted with them.  In general we found the wells on the map and were very grateful.  Topographically the maps just simply sucked.  The large map of the Gila, Aldo Leopold is completely useless and might be the worst map ever printed for topography, but it did make for interesting detours.  I recommend going down Black Canyon from Reed's Meadow then using Tom Moore canyon (east fork Gila) then up the the Dwellings then west fork Gila for a short bit and crossing over to middle fork at the meadows.  It was hard,wet yet beautiful canyon/mesa scenery.  And we even had flowing water-unbelievable!  We're flipping from Pagosa to hopefully outpace the potential fires up north.  From all that I've heard this is going to be a horrible year.  I'm still travelling with Semperfi Drew and Meatball.  Hope all is well!  Travel light! Gimli

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