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[cdt-l] David Patterson's New Mexico book

We finally got a copy of David Patterson's New Mexico "story/photo book" 
(Along New Mexico's Continental Divide" and finished reading it.  For those 
who might be interested, he tells a good story, there's some good 
information about the country, the trail and the people and there are a lot 
of really beautiful pictures.  I was reminded why I fell in love with New 
Mexico.  One thing you might want to keep in mind is that many of the 
pictures were taken from places that are "off-trail" - as a hiker, you won't 
necessarily see many of those views unless you "design" your hike 
specifically to get to those places.  The one real disappointment was that 
one of the places that's  entirely neglected in the book is the Gila 
Wilderness.  There's favorable mention of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, and 
the Gila is mentioned, but I saw no actual pictures of the Gila. Maybe I 
should look again?

In any case, for my money, the book is a good one.

Walk softly,

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