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[cdt-l] Women..please respond

Can I ask for a bit of a survey?

I know a lot of us are using/trying lightweight packs.
Many without hipbelts and sternum straps.  I'm finding
I need the sternum strap.  Is everyone else?
Could it be boobie related?  I mean is that why we
seem to need one and many of the guys don't?

Maybe all pack designers are men and they can't
relate.  Jerry, the guy who runs the geartester group,
has asked for comments from women regarding gender specific
gear issues and I'd like to get a survey about the sternum
strap issues.  If you wouldn't mind including you cup size,
it's relative to the survey.  Also, he is willing to pass on any
size issues we have so I'd like to do a survey on the "average
woman hiker" LOL.  I just don't believe we are all size 8/10s
as some gear manufacturers seem to think.  I'd like to get
some real data compiled if ya'll will help me?
So...the questions are...
Do you miss the sternum strap and what size cup are you.
and on the size issue which every woman can respond to:
What is your height?
What is your weight?
Boot/shoe size?
Torso length?
Please send redponses to kahley7@ptd.net
If I get any responses, I'll strip the names and pass them to
Jerry to pass onto manufacturers at the big outdoor show
next month.  Thanks!!  Only by speaking up will we ever be
able to get stuff biult our way, and here is a chance to get someone
who is a growing influence in the industry to push our case!!!


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