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[cdt-l] Brian's CDT Hike

We were just up there last month scouting the CDT for next year.
You get back country permits at the ranger offices. I believe the 2 places
are East Glacier and Two Medicine. Both in the southern part of the park.

Per the Glacier's Backcountry Trip Planner:
Permits are issued only within 24 hours of starting date.
Camping only in designated campsites.
Maximum of 6 nights on one permit (shouldn't be a problem for most CDT
$4 fee for permit.

You also need a Fishing License from Blackfoot Indian Reservation to hike on
their land. The CDT loops out to East Glacier which is outside the park on
the reservation.

The rangers are a little reluctant to give you campsites more than 10-12
miles apart, but if you insist they will give in.

We met 6 CDT hikers in Many Glaciers campground on 6/16. All started at
Belly River. Three used the alternate route over RedGap pass. The other
three went over Stoney Indian Pass and connected to the Highline Trail.
Interestingly the Highline sounded like it had less snow travel (neither had
significant snow travel). Of course by now all the snow should be gone on
both routes.