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[cdt-l] Brian's CDT Hike

ROYROBIN@aol.com wrote:
> My son Brian will be starting southbound on the CDT next week.  We have three
> questions (at the moment) which someone on the list may be able to help with.
> 1.  Where does one get a Glacier National Park entry permit?  If there is an
> on-line option, I could apply for him.  Otherwise, I presume he must try to
> get one when he arrives there.  If so, where?

	I presume you mean a backcountry permit? At this point, I expect he'll
need to apply in person. There's a guide available from the park, at -


	This should answer some of your questions. They also advise that CDT
hikers write for further info, but there may not be time enough for a
reply before his hike.


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