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[cdt-l] Brian's CDT Hike

I hiked at 12,000' on June 23rd in the Cottonwood Pass area in the Collegiate
Peaks and there were only patches in the trees.  Gone now.  A week before that I
hiked out of the trailhead outside of Lander up to 10,000' and there was no
snow.  Most of the 13,000' hiking north and south of Carson in south central
colorado is on south facing slopes.  Dont know about those hidden north facing
couloirs or cornices...

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, WYoming

3.  Brian would like to know if he can get by without an ice axe on the CDT
this time of year.  We hear that snow has been light this year, as it has
been on the Pacific Crest Trail.  He used his ice axe on the PCT only through
the early season Sierra