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[cdt-l] Brian's CDT Hike

My son Brian will be starting southbound on the CDT next week.  We have three 
questions (at the moment) which someone on the list may be able to help with.

1.  Where does one get a Glacier National Park entry permit?  If there is an 
on-line option, I could apply for him.  Otherwise, I presume he must try to 
get one when he arrives there.  If so, where?

2.  Is there a post office at Mack's Inn, Idaho?  I have a zipcode 83433, but 
the  USPS web site has no listing for a p.o. there.  Nearest "official" p.o. 
is at Island Park, 5 miles SW.  Perhaps there is a contract mail station at 
Mack's Inn.  Can anyone confirm that General Delivery mail to Mack's Inn will 
work for delivery of a resupply package?

3.  Brian would like to know if he can get by without an ice axe on the CDT 
this time of year.  We hear that snow has been light this year, as it has 
been on the Pacific Crest Trail.  He used his ice axe on the PCT only through 
the early season Sierra.

Thanks for your help!  -- Roy