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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) CDT thru-hike questions

Hi Chris - we met near San Gorgonio Pass last year, I'm glad to hear you 
made it as far as you did.  A lot of people who hikedth PCT last year are 
planning to be on the CDT next year.  Wish I were one of them.

RE towns - you can camp at almost all of the towns, though some of the 
Colorado ones may be iffy (Steamboat Springs comes to mind.)  But some of 
them have hostels (i.e. Silverthorne, and Grand Lake) and  You can 
definitely camp at Pagosa Springs and outside Twin Lakes. Try to get extra 
money together before you go -- towns don't have to be a gravity well, but 
they can be a necessary luxury after several days in the backcountry.  Just 
taking the time to stuff yourself for a couple of days can make a difference 
in how far you hike.

re:  Journals - on-line I've mostly found biker journals for the CD, though 
there are a couple of people hiking this year who are trying to do journals 
-- Jonathan Ley and, of course, Brian Robinson.  On GORP there were a couple 
of journals last year.  I'm not sure if they are still there, but search 
under hiking and long trails.  The only problem with those is they are 
pretty cursory -- a half page covers a week.  But they're interesting.  Dick 
Mallory had his journal up from 1999 as well. If you would like to read ours 
(which is definitely not brief), let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

Talk to you later --
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